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Individual Lessons:

From beginners to more advanced singers, Francesca offers private singing lessons. 

The lesson will focus on the repertoire the student wants to explore or develop like opera, choir, and chamber music repertoire.

Throughout the years Francesca has helped many singers from different styles to find their true voice through the use of healthy phonation and breathing. 

Group Lessons: 

Francesca collaborates with amateur choirs, offering workshops for small groups of singers, playfully exploring the vocal potential of the singers. 

Italian Coaching:

Since several years Francesca helps many singers with the pronunciation of the Italian Repertoire.

Music for Children

Francesca teaches children as young as 4 years old in a playful way! Through singing and body percussion your children will have the possibility to develop musicality, musical knowledge and a personal musical taste!

Available for groups or individual lessons.

Online Lessons help us connect from any Country or time zone!



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