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what students say

"One of the best teachers I’ve ever had! From the short time we’ve been working together, I can already tell this is going to be fantastic. Highly recommend to others!!!"

"Francesca is a professional with a lot of knowledge and experience, not only is she gonna try to bring her best performance through, but also of the people she collaborates with. She is very easy to work with and can adjust to all the levels of musicianship. I have no doubts in recommending her!"


"La classe con Francesca fue muy agradable. Ella es bastante flexible y se adapta a tu estilo. Además, habla diferentes idiomas que ayudaq a se expresar mejor."

"The class with Francesca was very nice. She is quite flexible and adapts to your style. Also, she speaks different languages which helps her express herself better."

"Francesca is a fantastic voice teacher! She is fun, sweet and bubbly but also very professional and good at explaining exactly how to sing well. We are having a lot of fun working together and I’ve already learned so much!"

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